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Lets ALL Support
Our QUEEN for 2016

Kayla Erath

Dear Friends of Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation,

When the word community is brought up, I immediately think of the Santa Ynez Valley and the tremendous family atmosphere that I have been able to experience through supportive organizations and people. One organization who has made a huge impact in our valley is the Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation which allows youth, like myself, to pursue our passions.
My name is Kayla Erath and I am proud to be the 2016 Youth Recreation Queen.
I invite you to support this years Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation Queen Campaign

I am a senior at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School and live in Santa Ynez with my mother Kristie Erath. We moved to the valley in 2005 from the Los Angeles Area and have loved every second spent here. My grandparents, Mike and Vicki Kappmeyer moved to the Santa Ynez Valley in 1995 and from here the rest of the family followed to the beautiful valley over the years. My Great-Aunt Debra Stull and Uncle Tom Stull live and operate Tommy Town Thoroughbreds where they breed horses. My Aunt Tamie and Uncle David live in the Valley with their three daughters Eden, Sayer. and Harper. I also have an older brother Christian Copley, who works at our family owned paint store Santa Ynez Paint along with my mother and grandmother.

For over 60 years the Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation has been providing support for the youth in our area. Throughout high school I have participated in Water Polo, Swim Team, and Tennis who have all been supported by the Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation to build the schools pool and tennis courts, which has allowed countless students to pursue their athletic passions. I am also an active member of Lucky Clover 4-H and Santa Ynez FFA where I have served terms as president in both organizations and raise rabbits, poultry, and swine. In 2014 the Youth Recreation helped sponsor scholarships for 4-H members and myself to go the Citizen Washington Focus Conference for a week in Washington D.C. Also, this past year they helped sponsor eight Santa Ynez FFA members to go to the 88m National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky where I was able to represent California as one of 475 National Voting Delegates.

This year I invite you to attend all of the SYV Youth Recreation Queen events to continue to support the youth in the Santa Ynez Valley and allow this organization to thrive. I am proud to be representing this organization who has helped countless youth pursue and find their passions.

I look forward to seeing you soon, Kayla

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